Hi! I'm Elise, also known as Ellie.
I love languages, and am fluent in English, Korean, French and conversational Japanese.
I'm currently a Media Arts (Film) major at York University.

The name "elliesuns" is a fusion of my english nickname and my korean name, Sunha.
ellie + sunha = elliesuns

• my story •

When I was a little kid, I bragged that I would become the best storyteller in the world - I know, it was a little far-fetched, but nonetheless, becoming an animator was one way I visualized this to become a reality. My love for animation was fueled by binging countless episodes of classic Looney Tunes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the 2003 version!), Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Pixar, Disney and Studio Ghibli films.

As I grew up, I became disheartened by all the talented artists I saw. In my mind, there were always other artists who seemed to be better than me. I stowed my dream away, leaving behind the vivid cartoons and animation I loved so much in lieu of becoming a fiction writer, posting stories online at a young age. (Currently, I have amassed 40,000+ subscribers!) Media fascinated me, and I experimented with other storytelling platforms - filmmaking, drawing, graphics, web design, music composition, photography... you name it, I did it.

After buying my first drawing tablet, I've realized that life is too short to hesitate. My current dream is to enter the animation field and use my filmmaking, writing, and media skills to create animated films and cartoons that people of all ages can relate to, just as how I marvelled at the colourful worlds onscreen in my childhood. Later on in life, I also hope to publish my own novels based on my cultural experiences and create multimedia stories that transcend language, ethnic, racial and social barriers.


Media & Communications Team Lead

SCLD at York University


Media & Communications Ambassador

SCLD at York University


Receptionist, Media & Branding Agent

Savoir Faire Medical and Wellness Spa


Web Designer & Branding Agent

The Butterfly Project



York University

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film (Media Arts)



Helen Vari Film Award, York University ($2500 bursary awarded to a student demonstrating outstanding creative or scholarly achievement and overall excellence) [link]


AMPD Opportunity Award, York University ($1800 bursary awarded to a student demonstrating exceptional achievement/potential in academic and creative work) [link]


Dean’s Honour Roll, York University (3.8 GPA)


Yearbook Award, St. Jean de Brebeuf CHS (gifted to the highest averaging student in the Yearbook class of 2015-2016)


Platinum Honour Roll, St. Jean de Brebeuf CHS (for students who received an average of 85% or higher during all years of secondary school)


Best Student Film, Vaughan Film Festival (VFF) (for #STANDUP, a self-edited & directed anti-bullying psa project, film was screened at cineplex, won award and $2000 bursary for the school) [link]


filmmaking illustration graphic and web design coding music composition photography fiction and practical writing branding and marketing screenwriting


Photoshop Illustrator Procreate Clip Studio Paint Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro Sony Vegas HTML & JavaScript coding Audacity GarageBand Microsoft Office Mac OS Windows OS Aurasma InDesign